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 Where do we begin to learn the principles of Islam?

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مراقب عام

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مُساهمةموضوع: Where do we begin to learn the principles of Islam?    2011-08-23, 23:26

In the name of alih the Merciful

Where do we begin to learn the principles of Islam?

flag of Islam and its rulings and principles imposed on every Muslim
man and woman, to the extent needed in the establishment of belief,
worship and morality according to what the Almighty God, came to talk
about the Prophet said: (Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every

teaching of science is a function of the Prophets, the scientists
carried after them to keep the argument was based on his creation, and
the call remains soft, lush uniformity people receive as the Prophet
peace be upon him teach them his companions.

Darda may Allah be pleased with him said: I heard the Messenger of
Allah said: (The scholars are the heirs of the Prophets did not leave
behind dinars and dirhams, inherited the flag; it took him take the luck
and abundant) Narrated by Abu Dawood (3641) and others, and horses.

al-Qayyim may God have mercy on him: "This is one of the greatest
qualities of the scholars; the Prophets are the best of God's creation,
and their heirs the best of creation after them. When it was all
inherited passes to his heirs, as are those who take his place after
him, not after the Apostles of their homologues in Report
is sent, but scientists, who were more deserving people to their
legacy, and this indicates that they are the people closest to them, the
inheritance but goes to the closest people to the heritage, and this
and it fixed the inheritance of the dinar and dirham, so too is the
legacy of a prophet, and God for His mercy wills "ended.

The key to happiness house (1 / 66).

this is but we have decided that those who take the place of the
Prophets in the education of the people, and the advisory opinion of the
people in Noazlhm and what they need, and the religion of Allaah.

for those who convey what they know of the religion of God to others,
as a verse to save, and either a modern knowledge and Uaah, or advisory
opinion of the heard from some of the trustworthy scholars, this does
not require one to be a scientist, but something that reached him and
tell the people only, and not a world absolute sense that people know of that word.

ibn' Amr, may Allah be pleased with them, that the Prophet peace be
upon him said: (Convey from me even a verse and happened for the
children of Israel there is nothing wrong and a lie about me
deliberately, let him take his place in Hell)

Bukhari (3461).

Abdullah bin Masood may Allah be pleased with him: (O people, from the
knowledge of something, let him say it and did not know, let him say God
knows the science to say what does not know God knows God Almighty said
to His Prophet peace be upon him say what I ask of you no wage and I am from the pretenders ..) Narrated by al-Bukhaari (4809).

If we go back to your question: How should one start?

advice if you have found Preceded to seek knowledge and commitment to
the rulings and etiquette of the people of the year, be guided by, and
benefit from his experience, because it will save a lot of time and
effort, God willing.

it is easy for him in his place of scholars and his students help him,
or did not find, we advise them the following advice:

- care of the Book of God preserved, read and devised, the Quran is a
book to guide the first, a book of science, which was built by all the
sciences of religion, with care to understand its meaning, and study
some of tafseer, At this stage we advise one to read the book
interpretation of the facilitator, Dar al-Malik Fahd
for the printing of the Koran, he is a very useful book, a book is
easier interpretations of the Algerian Sheikh Abu Bakr, and the
interpretation of Sheikh Saadi, may God have mercy on him, do not mean
that regularly consumes all of us, but what he is able to, and cares
Bmutalath Madarsth.

- in the modern care to save the forty nuclear, supplemented by Ibn
Rajab Allah's mercy, to study some of the commentaries soft, such as the
commentary of Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen, or otherwise, are encouraged to
follow a thing of the commentaries broadcast on Al-Majd, or sites of the
Sunnis. When he has finished it, he can study science and inclusive governance, Ibn Rajab, which is good, God willing.

he should study every day if possible, to book Riad righteous, for the
imam's nuclear Allah's mercy, an interview with the conservation of each
chapter, and read the commentary by Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen him.

- For the doctrine should start with three and the evidence, Sheikh
Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab, may God have mercy on him, and study some of
the commentaries,'Uthaymeen Sheikh, or Sheikh Fawzan, even if it is
possible to hear better.

moves to the Book of Tawheed by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, with
some annotations, such as soft explained Sheikh Saleh Al-Sheikh, it is
simple and beneficial God willing, or other explanations.

Includes the belief Waasitiyyah, with commentary by Shaykh Fawzaan or Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen.

Those interested in study and control.

reading and follow-up of permanent, Vehtm series faith in the light of
Quran and Sunnah, by Sheikh Omar Suleiman, blond, may God protect him.

- The fiqh, there are some easy books that can be initiated, such as:
the pillars of Islam, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, and the jurisprudence
of worship for Uthaymeen, may Allaah have mercy, and Brief description
of the prayer of Sheikh Albani Allah's mercy, and to facilitate the mark
of explaining Mayor provisions of Sheikh AlBassam God,
and we recommend taking advantage of the written opinions of our
contemporary scholars, including: fatwas of scholars of the holy land,
collect d. Khaled Jeraisy, it is total wholesome, God willing.

- for biography, can be re-read brief increased, Sheikh Mohammed bin
Abdul Wahhab, and the sealed nectar, Sheikh Mubaarakfoori, God have
mercy on us all.

the history of public and translations, he read in a book: Islamic
history, Professor Mahmoud Shaker, in some biographies, such as the
conduct of Heraldry.

- in ethics and chips, a lot of reading books I values, such as disease
and medicine, the message Altbuqueh, and a son of values ​​to one of
his brothers, and he read in a book: brief Platform and going, by Ibn
Qudaamah, or: refine the admonition of believers, Sheikh Al Qasimi, may
God have mercy on him, and cares letters
of Ibn Rajab, may Allah have mercy on him, such as the detection
Alkrbh, talk and explain what hungry wolves, and the achievement of the
word loyalty, and others, most of which were collected in total and one
of four volumes.

- to pay attention to Bmdarch dhikr, is the door to a great doors of
knowledge and action, with the conservation of something by the
facilitator, such as: true good words, by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah,
a shortcut Albanian or the Fortress of the Muslim, with the reading of
the book: Volley Sayyib, Ibn al-Qayyim .

we go back and underline the interest Baltgay and listen to the
scholars and specialists in law, which is available today - thank God -
through some TV beneficial, and through the information network, and you
will hear the channel glory scientific displays from the lessons of
science easy and affordable to the benefit of all people,
as you can participate in the scientific program in which students
ranging in stages that suit, while the Internet is full of thanks to
God, the lessons of science for scientists trusted, and you can follow
many of them directly in the Paltalk rooms, or download them from the
site of the Registrar by Islam.

is important to learn the right approach into account, and we mean
proper progression in the stages of learning, the student starts with
science and soft condensed books, then move on to something of
explanation, expansion, so that after the reading of books in the
lengthy and specialized research.

must choose lessons from that show on the channel glory or the internet
that are appropriate for the situation, not try to follow each lesson
displays, it may not be suitable for him now

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Where do we begin to learn the principles of Islam?
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